Man with Medical Mask

You're here reading this for a reason. Something doesn't feel right, and you know it. Maybe to everybody else you've got your $#!T together, but for you, you know you're really struggling. Maybe you've got a clue as to what it is. Maybe you don't. Maybe you're scared to admit you could use some help figuring this $#!T out because you've been able to do everything else on your own before. But think about that for a second. Have you REALLY done EVERYTHING in life on your very own? Haven't you needed help before with SOMETHING? Spoiler alert. The answer is yes. I'm not sure what you've heard or what you think about therapy, but we don't do this work to judge or condemn you. We do this work because it means something to us. YOU mean something to us. I'll work with you to help you find relief and healing by empowering, empathizing with and validating you. I'm proud of you for even being here browsing through my site. It must not have been easy typing "therapy" or "counseling" into the search engine bar. When you're ready and willing to figure this thing called life out as it pertains to YOU, I'll be here and ready with you.